Longevity Energetic Kids® is an energetic-mind-body program that empowers children and teens to live creatively, to think with clarity, to tap into and utilize their full potential. We are generating the capacity for children to flourish and engage with life in the world of today, in rich and meaningful ways. Programs are for kids, teens and schools of all levels.


Longevity Energetic Kids has been incorporated into various private and public school programs in the United States and Europe. See the links below to find out more.

Welcome to a new paradigm; for children and for schools. An advanced Energetic-Mind-Body system originating with Howard Y. Lee, author of the book "Longevity" and founder of The Light of Life®.

Because being HAPPY, HEALTHY, FOCUSED, STRESS FREE and SELF-ASSURED -- FREE to IMAGINE and CREATE -- is possible for all. It's our natural state of being! And achieving this balance simply comes down to energy. The resource we are presenting holds the key.


Empowered Kids Creative Lives

To harness the capacity for children to stay connected to their higher awareness and so to retain their innate sense of wonder and awe without prejudice. To stay connected to their innate intuition and creative flow. To be able to direct their energy with a clear sense of purpose and priority. To empower children to optimize their potential.

We are generating the capacity for children to think with clarity, to tap into and utilize their full potential, to flourish and engage with life in rich and meaningful ways. 

Our objective is to provide children and schools with a powerful new technology that will help us to leap from the old paradigm into a new vision for our children, for education and for our world.

"Empowered Kids, Creative Lives"is the platform we come from. For when a child is empowered, they are connected to their inner knowing and potential, and from this base, they naturally begin to express authentically and creatively.

Our vision is to provide children and educators with a powerful and practical energetic technology that can be used to stay connected and maintain balance in this fast changing world.

Because children are fluid and flexible and open to change. And if potential is being obstructed, we believe it can be restored. It all comes down to energy. Longevity Energetic Kids® is the key.

It will take a bold leap to shift from the old outdated paradigms of education to the new, but with Longevity Energetic Kids® it is very easy and unfolds naturally, because it comes from within. And what is new today will be second nature tomorrow, as we move forward and expand. 

We invite you to explore these pages to learn more about our kids and school programs and to hear from children, parents and educators about how Longevity Energetic Kids is changing their lives and learning environments.