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welcome to longevity energetic kids®!

Welcome to a new paradigm; for children and for schools. An advanced Energetic-Mind-Body system originating with Howard Y. Lee, author of the book “Longevity” and founder of The Light of Life®.

We offer classes for kids and teens and programs for public and private schools.

Our programs are supporting educators in transforming schools to more creative, innovative learning environments that are preparing children for the 21st century. This is not a paradigm in the traditional sense. We believe it is time to leave those behind. What we are generating through our school programs is a creative genesis, naturally evolving and emerging from the inside out. To move into new space we have to become it. And this, we think is what re-imagining education is all about.

We believe the question is no longer what the problems are in education, but what are the solutions? Every human, every child is a creative being with an inner genius. The question that must be addressed now, is what is it that prevents us from connecting and tapping into our potential? What are the things that pull us off course as individuals and as institutions? This is where our resource comes in.


Longevity Energetic Kids class, Italy. After the energy meditation

You could say there is a path that is naturally creative and aligned for every human being. Thought patterns, unresolved emotion and habits accumulated throughout life function like a stubborn horse that insists on taking us in another direction. They veer us off course and distance us from our potential. These patterns start up at the younger ages and become more pronounced by the teen years. Dissolve these patterns and you free up the potential that lies within. This is what our program does.

It is the first time you will have heard of an “energetic”-mind-body approach, as we are the first to use this term. We put the “energetic” in mind-body as it more appropriately describes what we’re all about. It is what makes this programs unique. With our programs, children get all the benefits of meditation, mindfulness and movement, but in addition there are inputs from The Light of Life energy that encompass and provide much more at the level of a child’s whole being. It is this aspect of our program that can dissolve the patterns and clear the path for children to manifest their talents and creative potentials — to truly be themselves. Longevity Energetic Kids is the missing link.



Empowered Kids,
Creative Lives

To harness the capacity for children to stay connected to their higher awareness, intuition and their innate sense of wonder and awe. To stay connected to their creative flow and direct their energy with a clear sense of purpose and priority. To empower children to optimize their potential.

Our objective is to provide children and schools with a powerful new energetic technology that will help us to leap from the old paradigm into a new vision for our children, for education and for our world.



Longevity Energetic Kids has been incorporated into various private and public school programs in the United States and Europe.


the program


Our programs are providing the tools for children to reach their highest potential and we are doing the same for teachers too. For the future designers, makers, innovators, inventors, ideas people, gardeners, chefs, it is no longer enough to be equipped with specialized skills but essential to have personal balance and clarity so as to tap into the wellspring of imagination. In this fast changing world children will need to be resourceful, adaptable, open intuitively and creatively—to think for themselves and live rich and meaningful lives. More than ever these qualities are essential. This is where our programs focus.


We are harnessing the capacity for children
to maintain the connection to their

circledots_intuition circledots_creativity circledots_wonder
Creating Confident Innovative
Top-down Thinkers
With a Passion for Learning And a Love for Life

 Children with

a Calm Mind,
More Focus and Less stress

Emotional Equilibirum

a Clear Sense
of Purpose and Priority

Harmonious Relationships

Balanced and Happy Kids!



For parents there is the confidence in knowing your child has a resource they can rely on for wellness and balance throughout life.

Teachers have the tools to be fully engaged and fuel creativity. And for the first time in an educational program, support at the personal level as well. What this translates to for schools is classrooms that are vibrant and alive—environments that are a peaceful place of discovery, where imagination flourishes and where children can learn and develop their inner passions. There is a re-awakening of a natural motivation in students and a dissolving/neutralizing of many of the difficult problems (unmanageable classes, aggressiveness, hyperactivity, lack of focus, etc…) facing schools today. Our programs complement and enhance any school approach and are cost effective and easy to implement, manifesting in the most natural way from the inside out. Hand in hand we are revolutionizing what it means to re-imagine education. More than a method; this is resource for life! We invite you to explore these pages to learn more about our kids and school programs and to hear from children, parents and educators about how Longevity Energetic Kids is changing their lives and learning environments. We think you’ll be amazed!


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