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Welcome to the Longevity Energetic Kids testimonials page! Various participants tell their stories here. You can see the excitement in their eyes which is the most direct proof before experiencing Longevity Energetic for yourself. Testimonials are from students of Longevity Energetic Kids and Teens, with comments from their parents, teachers and LEK facilitators.

Mael's Mom's Story
Mael’s Mom’s Story
A Mom talks about the progress her 6 year old son has experienced since starting Longevity Energetic Kids classes.
A Psychotherapist’s Perspective
A Psychotherapist’s Perspective
Psychotherapist Michele Vianello highlights the application of Longevity Energetic Kids in treating various disorders.
An Optimal Beginning
An Optimal Beginning
Longevity Energetic Kids course at the Bribano preschool in Italy. With comments from parents, course instructor Mary Dal Cin and psychotherapist Michele Vianello.
A Teacher Shares
A Teacher Shares
Alison, a teacher at the British American school in Los Angeles talks about using Longevity Energetic Kids in her classroom.
Kids Talk To Kids
Kids Talk To Kids
Elementary school children learning Longevity Energetic Kids in Los Angeles share their experiences.
Kids Talk To Kids
Participating in a New Vision for Schools
Educators, business people and professionals talk about how they are supporting Longevity Energetic Kids and how children, teachers and schools are benefiting from it.
Mael's Mom Testimonial 2
Mael’s Mom Testimonial 2
A Mom shares her observations about the progress her 6 year old son has experienced since starting Longevity…
Samuele's Mom Testimonial
Samuele’s Mom Testimonial
A Mom describes how Longevity Energetic Kids helped her son to become calmer and more focused.
Opening To Potential
Opening To Potential
Teens from a Longevity Energetic Teens program at a public school in Italy describe their experiences, with comments …
Teens Share
Teens Share
Teens from a public high school in Italy talk about the ways in which Longevity Energetic Kids has changed their lives: from gaining…


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