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an energetic approach to Teen-age themes

With Longevity Energetic Kids® for Teens, we have developed our program to address the many internal changes, as well as shifts in consciousness, in the journey from childhood to adulthood.

At the adolescent level, our approach is to help teens to clear away much of the negative energetic influences and emotional pollution, which are a source of distraction and act as a hindrance to their ability to learn and to manifest their potential.

Indeed, in our incrementally complex world, youth are exposed to situations today that were once unimaginable. At every level of relationship and interaction with life there is a level of complexity that is unprecedented and stressors that often go hand in hand. Parents are also feeling the brunt of it, in navigating this new space and providing support for their children as they mature. The issues normally ascribed to the teen years haven’t changed much over the years. The level of intensity has. At every point in life, however, there is a possibility for change. And while no doubt there are deep levels of inner transformation during the teen years, we believe these issues are not set in stone and can be relieved.

Our program for teens has been created to ease the shift during adolescence and to foster, not only an inner balance and harmony for teens, but as a result, to strengthen and harmonize the family relationship as a whole. This translates to school and the outer world as well with reduced stress and anxiety and improvements in focus and school performance. How does it work?

the path to inner balance
There are three main things that may drive imbalance: destructive habits, negative patterns of thinking, and repressed emotion. By the teen years, for many of us, this has become a “normal” way of existence, whether in very subtle ways or more overt. We are often not even cognizant of the effects these forces have on us, but the results can be detrimental and most definitely exhaust our life force; that which connects us to our essence. When this happens we may feel disconnected, frustrated, angry, confused. We sense something deep inside is not right and this often manifests in many of the problems teens face, from lack of focus, anxiety, excessive worry, depression, addiction, aggression and bullying, to just simply feeling distanced from their creative lives. What is essentially misdirected creative energy can be detrimental in so many ways, both personally and for society as a whole when there is no channel for expression. But to re-center ourselves is easy. By CLEARING the NEGATIVE PATTERNS behind destructive habits, QUIETING the MIND and TRANSMUTING REPRESSED EMOTIONS , one regains their inner harmony. This is what Longevity Energetic Kids for Teens does.

teens aligned with life
With the energetic inputs in Longevity Energetic, Teens become CALMER, MORE ATTENTIVE and MORE FOCUSED. Their energy is more available and aligned with life. What was once repressed, or confused emotional energy is dissolving, and teens are better able to moderate and solve emotional problems. The mind is quieting, because the energy that was behind negative habits or behaviors is being diffused. The path is being open for teens to MANIFEST THEIR TALENTS and CREATIVE POTENTIALS — to truly be themselves.

My son used to be much more anxious when facing an oral or written test, now instead, he has become more determined. Longevity Kids has really been good for him,as far as I’m concerned. If the course is taught next year,my son will be one of those who will surely attend.
Mother – public high school, Italy

With great surprise and marvel they realized that the practice of just one or two exercise has positively modified some of their attitudes, which had up till then been impossible for them to change, because they used to respond the same way to certain stimuli: with anger, fear, insecurity , or depression. With the practice of Longevity Energetic Kids, teens are able to break the emotional chains trapping them. Longevity Energetic Kids is being embraced by teenagers as a powerful tool, a tool they can activate whenever they go through a difficult moment.
Domenico Brattoli – professor at public high school, Italy 



  • improving motivation and academic achievement
  • enhancing focus
  • reducing stress
  • opening creativity



Teens Share 
Teens from a public high school in Italy talk about the ways in which Longevity Energetic Kids has changed their lives; from gaining more focus and clarity, improving grades, being able to set priorities, to handling relationships with ease.

Teens who practice Longevity Energetic Kids® are finding they are able to communicate more easily with each other as well as with parents/adults. They are CALMER and more FOCUSED in SCHOOL. Overall PERFORMANCE and GRADES are IMPROVING. They have a particular CLARITY ABOUT THEMSELVES and their FUTURE, and are OPENING up CREATIVELY, to express their POTENTIAL with a SOLID GROUNDING and SELF-ESTEEM.




Strengthening Connections
The energetic work with The Light of Life® opens up the capacity for teens to communicate and love, resolving emotional blocks and misunderstandings in personal relationships. At home, parents will appreciate greater cooperation and self-discipline from their children; but even more importantly, this program will help teens to feel more understood and will help to stimulate a closer and stronger relationship between parents and child.

Expressing Freely
Teens will find themselves freer to express their capacities without inhibitions and anxiety. They will discover they have more strength, balance and mental clarity to discern and make decisions that are more in alignment with their core. Excessive worry and scattered thoughts start to dissolve, making space for the intuitive voice.

Letting the Spirit Soar
By strengthening the connection with intuitive knowing and expanding awareness, the practice of Longevity Energetic Kids stimulates the creative potential in teens. This creative opening can be applied to all academic subjects in school, as well as the arts, dance, music and every aspect of life.

Longevity Energetic Kids helps teens to maintain or recover their health and energy. With regular practice the immune system strengthens and teens will find they have greater endurance. Postural problems start to naturally align, flexibility and motor coordination improve, while natural breathing is supported and overall balance of metabolism is restored.

Teenagers will be able to better manage stress, ultimately feeling happier and more contented, with a positive perspective towards the future, a sense of autonomy and self-confidence throughout life.


I could feel an incredible charge, something I’ve never felt before that made my body want to continue practicing them more and more.. I could perceive inside me a strength that would go through me; my mind was free of any thoughts and finally my body could relax.
Carol Stallone, Age 18


meditation made easy

In a world of distractions in this digital age it’s easy to lose connection with our true-self.  So much happening, so much pulling us every which way, but mostly it is the cacophony of thoughts within us that distract us most. You could think of it as tuning in to “your” radio station when all is clear and sharp, but if there are lots of unnecessary thoughts and negative influences what happens is you can’t tune in clearly because of all the static. This static distorts perception and thinking. A most evident problem resulting from this “noise” is the difficulty with focus and resultant attention deficits, which negatively affect the learning process and impact motivation. This often compromises the formative years of students, their well-being and consequently their accomplishments at school. It is important as a teen to understand the nature of thought so as to have the tools to quiet the static and have clarity throughout life. This allows you to beam forth. After all, self-esteem is nothing more than being aligned with who we truly are. The power of the energy within Longevity Energetic Teens naturally transports us into meditation taking us into the present moment and creating the space to reconnect with our true self. This allows to have more quietude and more clarity, making us appreciate and approach life from a new perspective. With the power of the energy we are by passing all unnecessary inputs and riding the wave of effortless effort with a practical tool for teens to easily incorporate into their busy lives. Finally stress free, confident and balanced, in charge of their life and of themselves.



Opening To Potential
Teens from a Longevity Energetic Kids – Teens program at a public school in Italy describe their experiences, with comments from their parents and the instructor.







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