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an energetic approach


Imagine a resource your child can rely on for wellness and balance throughout life… Something they can learn and embody with ease… Being happy, healthy, focused, stress free, self-assured and free to imagine and create is possible for all. It’s simply our natural state of being!

Our kids classes/programs for children ages 3-5 (Pre-schoolers) and 6-12 (Juniors) are taught in an atmosphere of fun and games with activities that deepen the energetic-mind-body connection. Children learn a series of energetic movements that are what could be described as a moving meditation. This is more than an exercise class though…

It is the “energetic” in mind-body that sets our system apart.
With our classes we are coming from a completely new approach. What we mean by this is that first and foremost we view the body/being not only as a physical structure, but as an energetic whole. This encompasses the emotional, mental, physical and also the more subtle plane; where every aspect contributes to the overall balance of a child. The unique nature of Longevity Energetic Kids is that it addresses each of these levels, making it a profound resource for true and lasting change.

So how does Longevity Energetic Kids work?


Children learn a series of movements that are energetically charged with The Light of Life energy which addresses the whole child (mind-body and spirit), dissolving emotional blocks and interrupting the accumulation and perpetuation of negative habits and thoughts that children may have already absorbed and accumulated, even at these early ages. Each exercise, or combination of exercises addresses a different area of well-being. They are natural movements which engage the body through relaxation and the dynamics of subtle energy. In addition, teachers/facilitators have access to energy forms that work hand in hand with the movements and respond to each group’s (pre-school, Junior, Teens) specific needs. This powerful combination QUIETS THE MIND, CLEARS DESTRUCTIVE HABITS and IMPRINTS, OPENS UP CREATIVITY, and HEIGHTENS AWARENESS — key elements for a child to unfold his/her true potential.

Children gain tremendous benefits from Longevity Energetic Kids as the movements begin to clear and activate the energy complexes within their bodies and direct the circulation of energy within the channels. This releases bound up energy within the cellular structure and restores vital energy. Immunity strengthens. Sleep patterns improve. Children unwind as they replenish the body mind and spirit. They move more freely with increased flexibility, strength, balance and coordination, attuned to their body awareness, connecting to their breath, and gaining a sense of their energetic dimension. Insights abound. Anxiety and stresses start to dissolve, with improvements in school and other activities. Children have more focus and begin inhabiting their bodies and their lives learning how to direct their energy more effectively, not being pulled every which way by the distractions of life. They are connecting more and more with their inner creative wave.

Longevity Energetic Kids is accessible and engaging. Children have fun and play whilst naturally reaping profound benefits for their health, longevity and all areas of their life and growing path. Classes are inspiring, invigorating and lay the foundation for a tool for life. Teachers/facilitators work with an awareness and respect for the innate intelligence and power within a child, supporting a natural development and unfolding of what is already within.




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The Longevity Exercises are a fantastic way for children to learn how to feel balanced. I think they’re under a lot of pressure these days, in this country, and the classes are calming, soothing, energizing, but mostly they give children a sense of balance. I think that’s really important.
K.L., Parent of 4th Grader



  • Stresses and ADD,
  • Autism,
  • Learning difficulties,
  • Sleeping problems,
  • Hyperactivity,
  • Fears,
  • Aggressive tendencies,
  • Depression and more…

In the presence of particularly serious disorders or deficiencies, private one to one lessons are advised. More information.


She can’t stop raving about it! She LOVES it! She showed me some moves and kept saying over and over how much she liked it. Thank you for offering such an excellent opportunity for growth and success.
Emily-Parent of 5th Grader


Kids from elementary school share their experiences with Longevity Kids

Children who practice Longevity Energetic Kids® have more CLARITY, FOCUS, and CALM, they are more EMOTIONALLY GROUNDED and equipped to deal with whatever situations may arise. They become more ENTHUSIASTIC LEARNERS with the ability to retain material more easily. And with the energy at work, CONFIDENCE and SELF-ESTEEM emerge very naturally. The benefits are tangible and permeate every aspect of a child’s life and their on-going development.




simple yet profound


Meditation we will define here as bringing an awareness to life, our thoughts and emotions, and the world around us. Any form of meditation can be beneficial, but the truth is that for children (and for that matter many adults too) it can be a difficult thing to do. When we observe a small child in awe at a ray of light we see they are in a state of quiet and presence—curious about the world. This is a natural presence, a natural mindfulness.  There is no external input, but yet the presence is there. This is how it works with Longevity Energetic Kids—meditation and mindfulness are a natural unfolding. With Longevity Energetic Kids we are bypassing the mental effort that goes into meditation and mindfulness and making it easy for kids. Effortless effort we would call it. What we are doing is like turning on a light switch that just naturally transports children to a calmer and quieter place.


The beauty of this system is that children have the opportunity to engage mind and body in a gentle and freeing way. Free of complicated techniques or talk, with the energy at work, children are automatically transported into a more calm, meditative state. Without consciously trying to calm thoughts, the calm is what naturally unfolds. Without trying to be more mindful, children simply start to embody a more mindful way of being. Longevity Energetic Kids encompasses meditation and mindfulness as a most natural unfolding.


It is the inputs at the energetic level which set this system apart and aim specifically to maintain each child’s connection with his/her higher awareness, creativity and intuition. This will help them to maintain their innate enthusiasm and motivation, an openness to their creative flow and a clarity of purpose throughout their lives.


And the added plus is it’s easy for children to do Longevity Energetic Kids at home and at school. They have a resource that can immediately take them to a place of more calm; that helps to bring MORE FOCUS BEFORE taking TESTS or any time they may need, to SLEEP BETTER, to REDUCE STRESS or CLEAR EMOTIONS like ANGER or SADNESS and SIMPLY to RE-CHARGE. It’s like turning on a light switch, and there you have it, light that permeates, enabling children to re-gain harmony in their whole-being. What does this translate to?





Passionate learners who are tapping into their innate curiosity and natural creative flow.

Innovative thinkers who are engaged and thoughtful, comfortable with insight, and for whom “thinking outside the box” is the norm.

Children with more focus and clarity. They are retaining material more easily and are tapping into their inner genius. Intellectual acuity is sharpened. Prioritizing is easier, translating to better use of study time and ultimately better grades.

There is a strengthening of the connection to awareness and intuiton. Children are comfortably balanced between the intuitive and the intellect. Self-esteem and confidence is emerging in a most natural way. Overall health and well-being is enhanced as physical, mental and emotional balance is acquired.

Stresses are dissolving and children are surfing the wave of life with ease.

Children are able to direct their energy, with a clear sense of purpose, and priority. There is more harmony in relationships with others (parents, siblings, friends), and an opening to love and joy. Children are engaging with life in rich and meaningful ways.


I’m very happy my son did Longevity Kids because, from the start, when he came out of the course, he was very tranquil; he had an inner quietude that is different from the quietude that comes from any other activity. The thing I liked a lot was that I started being able to talk differently with him. His being more tranquil allowed me to communicate in a different way.
Cristina Bortolin-Parent of 1st Grader


I’d tell other mothers to give it a try, because it’s an opportunity, it can transform “negative” energy, aggressiveness, these things, and turn them into positive energy.
Samuele’s mom


An Optimal Beginning
An Optimal Beginning
Longevity Energetic Kids course
at the Bribano preschool in Italy.
With comments from parents,
course instructor Mary Dal Cin
and psychotherapist
Michele Vianello 

Mael's Mom's Story
Mael’s Mom’s
Mael’s mom shares her observations of her son’s progress during and after participation in Longevity Energetic Kids® class 

Through play, children have a chance to relax, let off steam, center, and find themselves. And even though children may perceive this at the level of play, the work being done is huge. Giving this chance to children at this early age, who take it all in, is a precious gift for life, because if they already grow up with this, it’s priceless! I had a chance to get to know this resource in my forties, but a child who already grows up with it…it’s a great gift!
Meal’s Mom- Parent of 1st Grader



What can I expect for my child? 
Changes will happen gradually and on many levels, always in tune with a child’s personal capacity for assimilation. Given that every person is different, they will vary from child to child. The results will all be positive and such that they will be appreciated by the family, as well as by the school.

Longevity Energetic Kids® represents a consistent, powerful tool for children in facing and experiencing life and their future with openness, grounding and clarity.






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