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They say that it all starts with one individual and we believe that to be so. Decades have been spent trying to fix education from the outside in. We are proposing starting from the inside out. The wide and deep scope of action on which the Longevity Energetic Kids® system operates, make this a precious resource within the framework of education. Teachers, kids, administrators, can all benefit with a ripple effect that resonates to the outside world.

For children to function optimally they need to be free of stress. The less stress, the more focus, and with better focus, the more clarity. With this resultant quietude the brain can naturally retain more easily and fully and one can perform academically at the optimal level. But clarity brings with it also a clarity of purpose and a connection to life — whether it be music, science, art, simply how one lives — all becomes a creative endeavor when in tune with one’s element. Compassion and respect for the environment are a natural result.

For teachers and staff that clarity of vision is what drives the development of innovative curricula and programs, it allows for a tuning in to children’s multiple intelligences and needs. This is true creating and it is essential to re-imagining education.

So how do we get there?

Children are natural learners, children are naturally creative
First and foremost, we come from the understanding that children are born with a natural desire and curiosity to learn, this is encoded in every human being. It is in fact, this inner drive that moves us through the world with authentic passion, and what allows us as humanity to continue to expand and create. But the truth is there is often something that happens as children get older. This fluidity starts to fade. Educators are often surprised to notice many of the children they knew in Kindergarten seem so different by 4th, 5th grade. Something starts to shut down — it seems the light that was once there has been dimmed (it has). And the results we witness are often boredom, depression, bullying, hyperactivity, aggressiveness, lack of interest, or in some cases a complete shutting off.

The origins of imbalance are various: conditioning, or ways of thinking about ourselves and the world that limit us, unresolved emotion or energetic imprinting that creates habits that take us off course and distance us from our essence. And this continues throughout our lives, often accumulating and intensifying, affecting us in a multitude of ways; mentally, physically, and at the level of the spirit. If a child is not functioning optimally, it is simply because he/she is blocked in some way on this level.

How to re-center?

Working from the inside out …
Longevity Energetic Kids helps children to restore their innate ability and vitality — their inner genius. It is the missing link.We see kids as fluid and open to change. Working with the connection to The Light of Life energy, the program addresses a child’s whole being (psycho-social, physical, creative, etc..) on an integral plane. Besides clearing the negative imprints that hinder the ability to learn and are the source of many emotional issues, we help children and teenagers in coping with any academic and behavioral needs from the energy level, dissolving the links to destructive habits or ways of being. This is what we mean by coming from the “inside out”. The effects are immediate, reaching the deepest levels. Benefits also unfold in the medium-long term, permeating all aspects of a child’s life and growth. It is the unique energetic nature of this program that bridges the gap between the imbalances children may have and the potential that lies within.



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Longevity Energetic Kids® is creating children who are life-long learners with an insatiable passion for learning. They trust themselves and are connecting to the reservoir within. Life becomes “anything is possible” in a most natural way.


Having an Energetic-Mind-Body system like this in a school is essential. I would have it in every school. Because I just think It lays the foundation for everything else.
Parent, British American School,
Los Angeles


Using the energy with awareness provides children with extraordinary benefits. The energy surpasses current day intervention and theories. From a scientific point of view, there are no categories/codes, everything is abstract; and it works, it definitely works!
Michele Vianello –
Child Psychotherapist


A Teacher shares
Alison, a teacher at the British American school talks about her experience with Longevity Energetic Kids in her class.

Following 20 minutes of Longevity Energetic Kids®, the children within my class (ages 5-8 years old) appear MORE FOCUSED during the next session. Typically, this is a MATH/LOGICAL THINKING LESSON where the children are engaged in problem-solving and investigative work. I have observed that the class are MUCH MORE ENGAGED in this lesson since the Longevity began. They are now ABLE TO SUSTAIN CONCENTRATION and carry out their own WORK INDEPENDENTLY for longer periods of time. In addition to this, the children seem MORE PRESENT and in a PLACE OF CALM. If an issue of conflict arises during the lesson, the children seem more equipped to deal with it and simply let it go.


easy as 1,2,3 …


The beauty of this system is that children have the opportunity to engage mind and body in a gentle and freeing way. Free of complicated techniques or talk, children are automatically transported into a more calm, meditative state. Children learn a series of movements that are energetically charged with The Light of Life. In addition, teachers have access to energy forms that work hand in hand with the movements and respond to each group’s (pre-school, Junior, Teens) specific needs. With the energy working at the deepest level of a child’s psychosocial well-being, the program has a positive influence by interrupting the accumulation and perpetuation of negative habits and thoughts. So without consciously trying to calm, the calm is what naturally unfolds. Without trying to be more mindful, children simply start to embody a more mindful way of being. A CALM MIND, and an organic STATE OF MINDFULNESS are a NATURAL RESULT.

Longevity Energetic Kids encompasses meditation and mindfulness as a most natural unfolding since it works at the deepest and more subtle level. This is what distinguishes our specific Longevity Energetic programs from any approach available, and what makes them one of the most powerful methods for enhancing health, development and creativity. Children begin to thrive and teachers / schools are relieved of so many of the issues that hinder their work and slow it down. Schools are able to return to their true purpose of educating.


There is now an understanding in our collective consciousness that we have a problem in education, and that meditation and mindfulness are helpful in that it can bring awareness to where we are, who we are, what we feel. But how do we cut the energetic imprinting to take the necessary leaps and make the change?

The Light of Life, encoded in Longevity Energetic Kids, encompasses meditation, mindfulness in a most natural way, and most importantly it enables children and teens to dissolve the the invisible ties that hold them to particular destructive pathways or ways of being.





Higher grades, but more importantly, an overall sense of fulfillment and natural motivation from kids.

The Arts
Optimal artistic expression — this becomes second nature as children are more and more in touch creatively and intuitively.

Athletes excelling with more flexibility and focus, energy and vitality

Special Needs
More emotional harmony and focus — children with anxieties, ADD, ADHD, or other imbalances have a powerful tool on hand to dissolve emotional energy and to regain balance.

Children have more confidence and self-esteem. They are clearer on who they are and able to think for themselves. There is more emotional harmony resulting in improved relationships and collaboration with others. This extends from the personal to the greater community.

Teachers will be less stressed, better able to manage difficult classes; they will be more fulfilled and tapping into their creative potential.

Your school will undoubtedly have an advantage on so many levels: academically, creatively and socially, from the inside out. But the truest of successes is witnessing the light in the eyes of a child who still beholds the world with wonder and awe.

The KEY to ACADEMIC and inner POTENTIAL is HERE, one only needs to unlock it.





I’ve observed a notable desire to improve and a remarkable diligence when it comes to studying. There are now A’s, A+, or a B+, in cases where the child used to barely get a D. Something happened to the child through the practice of Longevity…a transformation in the energy state… we could also call it a “inner force” that drove the child to have an act of will, to work harder, with a more positive attitude and discipline.
Domenico Brattoli – professor at public high school, Italy




Participating in a New Vision for Schools
Educators, business people and professionals talk about how they are supporting Longevity Energetic Kids and how children, teachers and schools are benefiting from it.

“To have someone who could be trained and taught the true way of learning how to learn, well this, I have found to be truly the most important and revolutionary aspect of this program.” Andrea Rigoni – ASIAGO GROUP

“I can really see the benefits that the children are gaining from the program. As a teacher, I am also gaining a great deal. Following the weekly sessions, I feel much more present and aware with the class. This extends throughout the day and the remainder of the week. The learning sessions that I’m facilitating are therefore more effective!” Alison Kerr – Teacher grades kindergarten through 3rd





Our program is designed to put your school at the cutting edge. We are providing children and educators with a powerful energetic program to transform environments, inner and outer, and to cultivate potential, academically and socially. We believe this is what re-imagining education is about—a creative genesis from the inside out. Our program is easy to implement and can be integrated in a variety of ways, with the training and empowerment of school teachers, kids and teens classes, or after school programs.

There are various options for integrating Longevity Kids into your school:

You can Integrate Longevity Energetic Kids® into school activities with classes led by certified Facilitators who have received advanced training in these specific programs directly by Howard Y. Lee. These can be in school, or after school classes.

You can become a Longevity Energetic Kids Certified School with your teachers training to become certified and empowered through the Creative Genesis — Longevity Energetic Kids® and Teens® Professional Facilitator’s Course. With this optimal investment both teachers and kids benefit on a daily basis and you, as a school have the highest/maximum long-term results too.

Under Howard Y. Lee’s supervision, the training is led by a team composed of certified Longevity Energetic Kids instructors, with the support of psychologists-psychotherapists with experience in educational psychology in school and with years of professional experience in working with children, youth and families, experts in communications. The specific energetic portion of the training is carried out by Howard Y. Lee only.

It is important to highlight that the Longevity Energetic Kids programs, as well as all programs under The Light of Life® matrix are free from philosophy, tradition, religion — neither oriental, nor western — and that there is no interference in the teaching provided by educational institutions, nor any intrusion with each family’s particular values, or their religious, moral and philosophical beliefs. The Longevity Energetic Kids programs, do not include the teaching of any doctrine, dictates or rules of conduct. This is a free, pure resource for all.



  • Innovation
  • Stress-free learning environments
  • More motivation from students
  • Flourishing of potential
  • Higher academic achievements
  • Personal and professional fulfillment for educators
  • Out-of-the-box thinking









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