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It is not simple to use the word “Energy” today, because it can refer to vague imageries, and unfortunately many misunderstandings and distortions have been passed down throughout history.  With regards to The Light of Life®, it is a particular type of all-encompassing, subtle energy with specific characteristics and contents. Just as in the world we know there is a spectrum of various energy frequencies that are employed in a multitude of uses in the reality of everyday  life — think of the sun’s energy, of electricity, of the oxygen that allows us to breathe, or of infrared and radio waves — The Light of Life also has a specific use and content.

In his book, Longevity, Howard Y. Lee defined The Light of Life® process in these terms: “Thanks to the developments of modern technology, the concept of energy carrying information or holding data can be understood by anyone.” It is something that can be rationally grasped by comparing it to the technology of fiber optic and digital data transmission. “Just like the radio, the television, and the digital transmission of data, The Light of Life is a wide spectrum resource that contains precious elements which can give balance, expand our awareness, and make us less subject to the negative aspects that use up our life force. If we want to stay young and healthy, we must learn to keep and save our energetic integrity.”

Within The Light of Life matrix, the Longevity system allow in a practical way to draw from this precious source. “The energetic resource activated by Longevity Energetic® is energy codified with healing and creative knowledge. It has the power to help people of every age to fully realize their potential, as well as generate and maintain the harmony of body and mind.”

The wide and deep scope of action on which the Longevity Energetic® system operates, makes this a precious resource within the framework of education, where children and youth represent our future.

What we begin to see are innovators with a natural passion for learning. Top-down thinkers who bring perspective and have a natural balance of the intuitive and the intellect. Free, bold and engaged children who are inspired by life and have a deep connection with others and the world.





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howard y. lee

Howard Y. Lee, born in 1939, was schooled in Science, Business and Finance. After graduating, while working in an investment company, concurrently opens a Kung Fu school and acupuncture practice. After a few years, he decides to leave his business career to dedicate his life more fully to the practice of healing and to the development and research of holistic and energetic medicine which he had already commenced since adolescence.

He dedicates a great part of his life to the awakening to The Light of Life energetic resource. He is the originator and the conduit of this advanced and revolutionary whole energetic process. One of the first in the United States to become a Kung Fu master, and standing amongst the most renowned and esteemed, Howard Lee is also one of the very first to practice acupuncture in the West. It is in these fields where he first applies the energetic resource for which he is the bearer. He establishes The Light of Life Institute in the United States, which marks the beginning of 40 years of a professional private energy practice, in which he touched the lives of thousands of people, children and adults, from every background and profession, who received extraordinary benefits both at the level of physical health and also at mental and emotional levels.

Central and exclusive to his work with the energy, Howard Y. Lee develops a new understanding of knowledge and its role in our existence, bringing to light the vital role of intuition and out of the box thinking in our lives, for which he, is first and foremost a shining example. Able from a very early age to give advice to people of any profession, in any area, thanks to his intuitive capacity and a profound innate wisdom that has been present since he was a child, Lee begins to teach, along with his work with the energy, how each individual can restore their natural intuitive capacity and how this can be used in coordination with their distinct intellectual capacity to maximize mental clarity and individual potential.

It is his passion for education and a deep commitment to explore and manifest the vast possibilities that exist, in addition to a whole lifetime of energetic experience, that leads him to develop and establish the Creative genesis – Longevity Energetic Kids® program. With an inspired vision and a visionary leadership, in the early years of 2000 he creates The Healing Light and Longevity Center in Italy. In 2008 he writes and publishes the book “Longevity” (Sperling & Kupfer), about the Longevity Energetic® system, a powerful aspect of the whole matrix of The Light of Life energy, establishing the base and the public recognition to move forward with the Creative Genesis – Longevity Energetic Kids program for children and students of all schools. Over the last four years this program has begun to be integrated into the public school system with extraordinary results and success in the entire scholastic community and within families as well.




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